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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the International Union for Surface Finishing (IUSF) and China Surface Engineering Association(CSEA), it is my great privilege and pleasure to invite you joining the Asia Pacifc Interfnish Congress 2018(APAC Interfnish 2018).

As the Olympic of surface engineering industry, the Interfnish World Congress has got great success withthe essential contributions of the related academic societies, institutes and associations among differentcountries under the support of IUSF.

Following the success of the 19th Interfnish World Congress (Interfnish 2016) in September, 2016 in Beijing,the Interfnish congress is coming to China again. Asia Pacifc Interfnish Congress 2018 (APAC Interfnish2018) is to be held on October 31st ~ November 2nd, 2018 in Shanghai. With the theme of "Intelligent Green Surface Treatment Leads the Future", experts and researchers domestic and abroad are all sincerely invitedto join the event for communication.

CSEA believes that the unprecedented event could serve as an inspiring forum for the discussion ofinterdisciplinary research from around the world. We will provide a world class platform for sharinginformation and technology exchange, plus a unique opportunity for networking amongst surface fnishingpractitioners.

ProSF 2018 International Surface Finishing Exhibition & Forum will be held in the same period, displayingmaterials, equipment, processing, industrial parks and services of plating, coating, thermal spray, anti-rustand lubricating, hot dipping etc. surface engineering areas. Related businessenterprises and organizationsare sincerely invited.

We cordially invite you to join us now. We frmly believe that your participation could make APAC Interfnish2018 better.
See you in Shanghai!


Ma Jie (马捷)

Chairman of APAC Interfinish 2018
President of International Union for Surface Finishing
Vice President &Secretary General of China Surface Engineering Association





Oct. 31st ~ Nov. 2nd, 2018

Submission of Abstract

Apr. 30,2018

Submission of Papers

Jun. 30, 2018